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Connecting all to a brighter future

The world is more connected than ever, but not everyone has equal access. Tech4All is trying to change that. Through multiple different partnerships, we’re providing solutions that bring wireless internet access to more places and more students. At Tech4All, we aren’t just connecting children to the internet, we’re connecting whole communities to the world at large, so that we can all lead more cooperative, more productive, and more prosperous lives.

Rolling Study Halls

The learning on the bus goes round and round. We are working to equip school busses with WiFi, transforming them into mobile hotspots. These “rolling study halls” will provide free internet access to students as they travel between school and home, enabling those with longer bus rides to complete their homework assignments on-the-go.

Park and Learn

Parking lots into learning centers. When not used for rolling study halls, our WiFi equipped school busses can be parked in convenient locations (school parking lots, community centers, churches, or other community partner facilities) where students can access the internet from the comfort of their cars parked nearby.

Hot Spot in a Box

Internet anywhere! These self-contained, weatherproof boxes are capable of receiving an LTE internet connection and then broadcasting a WiFi signal. Boxes can be mounted to poles or walls, and have the flexibility to operate on grid power or from stand-alone solar power.

Public Park WiFi

Merging greenspace with cyberspace! By installing free public WiFi in city parks, or anywhere communities and students gather, we create more connected communities and give our green spaces even more value.

Solar Bench WiFi

Get online while you take a load off! Similar to our Hot Spot in a Box, our solar-powered park benches offer public internet access AND a good place to sit and work—all in one!

Public Building WiFi

Connecting our communities! Community centers are the perfect locations for free public WiFi to exist, offering a safe, climate-controlled environment that’s conducive to learning. We are excited to install WiFi networks inside several community centers.

Ready for Tech4All?

For more information, or to request WiFi access in your area, fill out the following form. We’ll connect with you soon.